Is it possible?

Well iv’e given up with the itunes thing as i cant get that to work!

New “niggle” - iv’e had reasonable success with wifi streaming to my wdtv smp, albeit the wifi tends to be a bit flakey at times (router and box about 15ft apart!) and the box saying no content when i turn it on, its becoming more of a pain than just sticking a dvd in the player.

Soooo. I know you can attach the drive to the wdtv smp and use it locally - and that always worked fine - is it possible to have the wdtv smp and the hd attached locally and still be able to “send new” files to it from the pc via the wifi connection?

if so is their a simple way to set this up?



When the drive is connected to SMP will show on the network

you can map the drive and transfer files 

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Wizer, Brilliant i will give that a go and see if that does the job for me.


So with a little digging i have got the smp and goflex drive connected via the rear usb (which doesnt seem to be having any issues or sudden dropouts etc as described by some - so far…) and i have mapped the drive to the pc network and can send file direct via the wifi link which is just about perfect as it gets for me as least!

I just have one issue that bugs me and thats not related to connection/playback problem etc, its more of a display issue - i have a “Movies” folder thats sorted by genre and thats perfect - the file structure for that is:

Folder: “Movies” (with folder.jpg) with subfolders as follows:

“Action” (with folder.jpg)

“Comedy” (with folder.jpg)

Folder “New Releases” (with folder.jpg)



That works and displays perfect.

Problem is with the “Pictures” folder and its sorting. i have the same folder setup as above for movies and its putting folders in i did not create - what i would like is:

Folder: “Photos” (with folder.jpg) - then sub folders as follows:

“Wedding” (with folder.jpg)

“Holiday” (with folder.jpg)

“Misc” (with folder.jpg)

etc etc

What i’m getting displayed is the above, but it’s adding extra folders/images of just case artwork etc found in the “Movies” folder and the “New Releases” folder - which i don’t want - is there a way to suppress folders? - the sorting options dont seem to help much - am i missing something obvious here?

Cheers for any help