Is it possible wdtv live will support Belkin F7D4101 in coming firmware?

I am really like this device but did not compatible to WDTV live

Hi pocketeer, welcome to the forum!

WD don’t seem to have a schedule for adding support for new wifi devices.

Also, they don’t seem to have any mechanism for requesting specific hardware be tested / added (nor is it likely they could get it into a firmware within the next several months).

If you need to set up your wireless network now, your only choice is to look at the current supported hardware list and choose a device from there.

If you’re willing to make a request to WD, try posting a thread in the Ideas Lab (link is top centre of the page).

Title it:  “Support for Belkin F7D4101 / Broadcom   BCM4323 Chipset”

The main issue is chipset support.  There are a number of unlisted brands / models that do actually work because the Live supports the same chipset.  You could argue that supporting that specific chipset will add a range of support for other devices.

But there’s no guarantee they will action your request.  Doesn’t cost you anything to try though.  ;) 

Also, check out section 3C of the FAQ for other options.

Thank you I have posted hope they would reply yes or no

Thank you very useful information.May I go to shop and see what I can have to make it up