Is it possible to swap the HDD for 2TB?

Has anyon tried this yet?

I’m at 90% full and would love to pop in a 2TB HDD instead of the 1TB that’s there now, but I’m not sure if MOCHI wloads from the HDD or RAM since if it loads from the HDD then there’s no way to format the new HDD to have it recognized. However if the OS is in RAM then you can pop in the new drive and got to SYSTEM>STORAGE>FORMAT…



The HUB’s HD is a 2.5" laptop drive.  1TB is the biggest on the market.    It’s a SATA drive, so if you want to try a regular 3.5" drive with longer cables, and leave it hanging by wires, it might work…

All of the OS components are in the FLASH MEMORY, not on the HDD.    Users HAVE replaced the HDD with another one with no ill effects.

Thanks Tony. Hmmm…

If that’s the case one might as well just connect an external drive next to it via USB, no?