Is it possible to stream photos directly from MBL to AppleTV

I would like to know if we can stream movies/photos directly from My Book Live to Apple TV, without PCor Mac.

If it ispossible can you please tell how.

I am assuming the required format (may be converting the video file to a desired format)

You can stream from MBL to any device if DLNA compliant 

I’m not sure if Apple TV supports the media server

i couldnt do it yet , i have apple tv and i was not able to stream anything to it 

the reason behind this is itunes

it needs you to enable your account “itunes sharing” and stream from ur itunes

but i was able to get a work around for movies and music by playing them using my iphone then stream to your apple tv

photos do not have the stream button “music and videos” do

i will keep you posted if i find a solution