Is it possible to Shut down My Book Live with a script/program in Windows?

Every day I backup my changed files (scheduled with FBackup).

The backup starts at 12:15 hours and lasts less than half an hour.

I don’t want to have power for 24 hours on MyBook Live (2T).

This is what I want:

I have an remote powerswitch (PlugWise) which is programmed to switch on at 12:00 hours. It is prgrammed to switch of after one hour. This will only happen if the power usage is lower than x Watt. (x = adjustable).

I am looking for a program or a script (Windows) to shut down MyBook Live. Having such a program I can set my backup program to run that program or script after the backup.

Anybody an idea?

(im don’t think I am the first one with this question, but I could not find anything on the net. Perhaps because Englis is not mine native language)

[EDIT] Sleep mode would also be nice

The my book has a sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.

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Thanks for the answer.

I managed to do it this way. I had to switch off external access otherwise the My Book did’nt go to sleep. (no problem of course when the nas is not working the most time of the day ;-))

I leave the item open for some time becayse I am just curious whether it is possible to shut down the with a script.

     I prefer to do the same as you, I would like to make you a question after  shutdown MBL how have you restored MBL?  I can not access it again, the msg said:  “This connection has not been restored”. What I can do, how you have done? Please I need help long time with troubles with MBL.   Thanks

In my case the MBL goes to sleep. It uses less than 5W of power. I use a plugwise switch to turn of the power automaticaly. The Plugwise switch turns the power on the next day. The MBL comes alive and I can access it over the network.

So you have to switch off and on the power I think.