Is it possible to select a partition on ext drive?

I have an ext drive storing media for WDTV.The first partition is in NTFS, the second is FAT32.
I use a Mac, so the NTFS is small and only used for >4GB files. The FAT32 is where most of the media is.
When connected to the WDTV, and selecting Local Storage, only the first partition is shown. Is it possible to select the second/FAT32 partition? Or do I have to have the FAT32 as the first partition to be recognised?

Hello, welcome to the community.

I have tried using a drive with a partition on my WD TV and it only recognized one partition, I don’t know if there’s a way to make it recognize the second partition.

My guess is not. I think you should copy the files from the first partition to the second partition, and then use some partition editing tool to remove the first partition and expand the second (now new first partition) to occupy the entire HDD.

That should do the job unless you have some reason for not tossing the first partition.