Is it possible to schedule for a WEEKLY automatic backup?

The WD Smartware Pro software allows me to choose a scheduled backup frequency of “Hourly”, “Daily”, or “Monthly”. Why not Weekly?!!
That would probably be the frequency that makes most sense for most users! Couldn’t they add the “Weekly” option easily? Is there any workaround to this?

of course there is a workaround. You can create a one time backup job, and then use Task Scheduler to run this backup weekly. However, this method only allow you to do full backups, not available for incremental backup or differential backup. more details, you can refer to this article:

It is easy, choose the day of the week and time that you want your backup to occur. I have mine set for twice a week on my desktop computer, Monday and Friday at 0700 hrs. My desktop is left on 24/7. See example image below. Click/tap on image to enlarge it.

I have my laptop set for once a week on Sunday at 0900 hrs. I have to have my laptop turned on for this to happen. If I miss the time for the backup I do it myself.

For more info on setting up your SmartWare see the Help tab or the link for the Online User Manuals at the bottom of the Help tab.