Is it possible to partition my drive and use this setup?

Hi, I just purchased the 4TB My Cloud from Amazon, it arrives tomorrow and I want to set it up as follows and im wondering if someone can tell me whether its possible or not. Thank you

So, I want to partition the drive in to 4.

Partition 1: 1TB as an OSX Time Machine backup, so that my iMac is constantly backed up using time machine

Partition 2: 1TB to be linked to my Dropbox, Google Docs and iPhone so I can duplicate the files on these 3 services in to this partition

Partition 3: 1TB used as normal storage, which i will use to access from my iMac, iPad, iPhone, PS4, TV etc… This needs to be private so only I can have access. Idealy id like this partition to work like a folder on my iMac so i have read and write files to it.

Partition 4: 1TB for Music and Videos which should be shared across all my devices in the house and from away, again only those with a password should be able to access from OUTSIDE the network.

Also, is it possible to keep all this data encrypted?

Thanks a lot for the great product (i hope it will be)

No, you cannot partition a NAS. But you can create specific shares to do most of that.

  1. No. It doesn’t work like that.

Encryption: only if your software does it.

so i cant backup my mac and at the same time store files i can access through my other devices?

whats the point then? if it doesnt offer me these basic things i may as well cancel the order now and get a refund

You didn’t read my answer. I said, no, you cannot partition the drive. It’s a NAS. NASes are not partitionable.

You create SHARES to do what you want.

Why on earth did you order it if you don’t know what a NAS is?

Just noticed: you already bought one over a month ago…

i got one a month ago and when i took it home i found they had sold me a used drive so i took it back, never had the chance to play around with it…

In responce to why i got one if i dont know anything about NAS… Because i felt like it, and that in my opinion is a sufficient answer to your question.  

Thank you and have a good day

pouya wrote:


I already gave you the answers in Post number 2.

The answer is correct.  If you don’t understand the answer, then let us know.

Actually potentially you could partition the drive, but you would need to break open the box, connect it to a Linux box and use partioning software. However, not recommended if you don’t know what you are doing and breaking open the box will void your warranty.

Of course I am speaking theoretically here, but I don’t see why one can’t with the above method. Anyway, the drive already has 8 or 9 partitions and you don’t want to mess with them at all.

As a linux box, it requires various partitions to run the system, such as swap and a root file system or 2 in this case that runs the OS. This box also has 4 other partitions that are curiously unknown but use up minimal space anyway.

A swap partition is used when the onboard computer needs more memory to run applications and various other tasks. The system comes with 256mb of RAM ample for a NAS. 

Theoretically you could split up your ext4 partition (DataVolume), but why would you want to do that when you can just as easily set up Directories (folders in your case since you are MAC OS orientated), and set permissions. Same as partitioning. So I would leave well enough alone and use the sharing principle to get done what you imagine doing with partioning.

Technically, it is possible but not recommended if you don’t have a Linux system to attach the drive to. Mac will not recognise your drive if attached directly and will want to initialize it. It will however mount the the drive via nfs under default settings. To do so simply type nfs://IPAddressOfYourCloudBox (eg: nfs:// from “Go” menu and “Connect to Server”)

But even that is pointless since it automatically shows up as a share on your network once you plug it in. I believe that is because it is samba enabled and MACs are Samba friendly. All that said, be prepared to be disappointed, it’s slow as a snail in mud.

The box comes with the ability to back up your Mac with Time Machine, in fact it has a default directory specifically for Time Machine.

You can probably tweak how much each user on each directory gets to use via terminal access to the device, but again, doing such configurations will void your warranty.

If you are not terminal savvy then don’t try. Practice creating directories, moving from directory to directory (folders in your case), if you want to learn command line. MAC is unix based and the commands are similar to Linux command line, so read up learn a few things here and there. Here is your first lesson: at the command prompt on Mac Terminal found in Utilities folder type#: say “I just found terminal”

Your computer will speak to you those exact words. The command is ‘say’ the " " between the words you want to say are important if you don’t put the quotations in it wont work.

Just use the sharing concept on the dashboard from the web UI to manage what goes where. 

Linking your Google/DropBox is trikier though and can be done but requires ssh login and mounting your computer’s folders to the NAS box and Mac exporting nfs is even trickier and requires a whole bunch of configuring that I wouldn’t sic on anyone… But if you are using TimeMachine it’s going to back up your DropBox anyway…

Sorry mate, up to your imagination on this one without voiding your warranty.

:smiley_cat:In theory it is possible.