Is it possible to limit which folders or albums on an iPhone that the My Cloud app backs up and prevent re-backing up previously backed up photos?

Backing up all of my wife’s 20,000+ photos and videos from her iPhone has been a huge pain as I’m trying to not only back them all up, but also organize them in a way that is easily accessible on a PC. However, I keep running into all sorts of inefficiencies and creating more work for myself. My main questions are:

  1. Is there a way to keep the My Cloud app from backing up photos that have already been backed up but subsequently modified or deleted (e.g., renamed, converted to different file format, or moved to a different folder)? I perform these modifications to better organize the photos, but the My Cloud app seems to think that these photos no longer exist and backs up all these photos from the iPhone yet again.

  2. Is it possible to limit backups to only photos/videos that were taken with the camera, and not every single photo/video on the device (like those that were downloaded, edited, or received from another source)? The nice thing about the My Cloud app on Android devices is that it will default to backing up the DCIM folder and you can then select which additional folders you want to back up. This option does not appear to be available on iPhones. It simply backs up any and every photo/video that it finds on the device which is very frustrating and not what I want. Is there any way around this?

Thanks in advance.


Please refer to the following KB article: My Cloud OS 5: Mobile App Auto Backups

Short answer: No

This is the simplest, one-way backup solution imaginable.

“It is what it is” “Take it or leave it”

At some point. . .you might want to read the EULA. I think it still says that your photos are your intellectual property. . .and that the EULA is subject to change at any time.