Is it possible to install plex media sever on mycloud(firmware v04 with gen1)?

is it possible to install plex media sever on my cloud(firmware v04 with gen1)?

I saw topic to install successfully on v03.
but, I can’t see any topic to install successfully o v04 firmware.
nobody successful guys here?

please teach me or guide me.
or send email please…

Officially, no it is not possible. Neither the first gen v4.x nor the second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud units officially support adding third party modules like Plex. This has been asked and discussed in a number of prior discussions that can be found using the forum search, magnifying glass icon upper right.

Unofficially it might be possible to install Plex to the first gen v4.x firmware single bay My Cloud but it appears to require using SSH to possibly replace the existing My Cloud firmware/OS with Clean Debian. See the following post/discussion for more information:

Check all this information out.