Is it possible to have the 2AF on mycloud os 5?

I believe it didn’t have it on os 3, which I still find it insane when every other websites has it, except a company that has for job to store people’s data. I was wondering if it was possible for My cloud os 5? And if not, why are they not doing it? What prevents them from doing it? Synology does have 2AF.


What is 2AF and what are the system requirements to run it?

2AF - Bing

2FA is Two Factor Authentication. For example on a Synology, with 2FA enabled, one not only has to enter a user name and password to access the Synology equivalent of the My Cloud Dashboard they also have to enter a Google Authenticator code (that changes every minute). Or like how with some banking sites that use 2FA one enters a user name and password, then are texted, emailed or phoned, a code that is subsequently entered before one’s banking account can be accessed. Example of the Synology DSM 7 2FA settings:

Edit to add: I assume the OP made a typo and really meant 2FA.


Thank you. I am aware of the Two Factor Authentication. I use it virtually every day. I had to use it several times yesterday on itunes.

Two-Factor Authentication Definition (

When I see something and I’m not sure what it refers to I highlight it and do a search. I couldn’t figure out why a person would want some of the things that came up for 2AF on a My Cloud.

If you meant 2FA here is what showed when I searched the OS5 Online User Manual.

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