Is it possible to have 2 separate WD Mycloud drives using the same app on an iPad?

So my work has a WD Mycloud hard drive so we can share files while we are out of the office.

I was thinking about getting 1 for my personal use at home, but I don’t want to risk my personal files being uploaded to my works hard drive. Is it posssible to have 2 separate hard drives that I access from the same app on my iPhone/iPad? Would I just have 2 separate accounts and just have to login and out from them whenI want to switch?


Yes, it is possible. Each device appears as a distinct device.

Generally so long as you grant a User remote access using the same email address used when setting up a remote access account through the web portal each My Cloud will show up under that account. Just remember to use different My Cloud names for each My Cloud, especially if they are on the same local network, otherwise it will be confusing if they each have the same name.

Currently I access both a family member’s My Cloud (located in a different state), and my own under a single account.