Is it possible to extract data from undetected WD hard drive?

I want to access some of my files saved in WD drive which is not detected by my MacBook Pro. Is it possible to retrieve data from any software or do I need to go for professional data recovery services?

Are you able to see your drive in Finder or desktop? If not, search your drive in Disk utility and use Data recovery software to extract the files.

Also try below fixes before using Data Recovery software:

  1. Use different USB port to see if you Mac can read the drive
  2. Uninstall HD Driver to fix WD issue
  3. To fix unrecognized issue, Turn on USB Root Hub
  4. Check for any Malware, Virus

If nothing works, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery will assist you with retrieving data from undetected WD Hard Drive. Download the software and extract all data from the drive.

I hope you have resolved your query but if anyone is facing similar issue, can opt professional data recovery services as no software can recover data from undetected WD Hard Drive. If you can make your hard drive detectable only then you can utilize with the software.