Is it possible to back up half of My Cloud?


Just ordered a 4TB My Cloud. I am planning 2TB to be used for Time Machine backups of the 3 Macs in my house. The remaining 2TB will be for data and music.

I want the auto back up to a USB drive for only the f=data, so I can use a 2TB USB drive.

Is this possible?

Also if I create 3 user ‘registered users’, can I limit the space for each Macs TM backup to say 700GB each?

Need some urgent help, as if above is not possible, I’d rather change my order to a 2TB My Cloud.

Thanks guys.

If you’re happy about SSH and maybe invalidating your warranty you could try the alternative, and reliable backup solution I have posted on here. It means you can backup whatever shares or folders on your WDMC you want.

It’s posted at Alternative to Safepoint

In response to the rest of your question, it isn’t possible to limit the size of a user’s share. I’d stick with the 4TB MC, it takes a lot of filling!



I read somewhere on this forum that you could limit the space used by the drive for Time Machine, and also you could create different logins for each of the different computers, so effectively you could have 3 Time Machine back ups from 3 different Macs.

Need to look for that.

Can’t help you with that I’m afraid as it’s a feature I don’t use myself.

Anyway, cancelled my 4TB order, and ordered 2 2TB. Will use one for media, which will be backed up to another 2 TB drive, and one for Time Machine back ups of our 4 machines.