Is it possible to add ADS (Active Directory) users to the cloud users on this?

Using Firmware 1.03.41.

Have added to AD successfully after many trials and errors because of the cryptic (more like anemic) support system which use non-standard nomenclature for otherwise obvious terms, also shipped with outdated firmware.

Now showing my 95 AD users in the users list

Only ADMIN and my user that I had added manually BEFORE joining the AD, show up in the cloud system

To add users to the cloud the only system I’ve found that worked was to:

1-remove from AD and reboot

2-add users manually

3-re-join AD

4-now the users I added manually will show up in the cloud system

This completely negates a single sign on system.

**bleep**? This is supposed to be a PRIVATE cloud, with no external sign-on so why force this registration **bleep**?

I am throughly disappointed in this device I have to say. Sure it’s inexpensive and pretty cool for home use, but building in an LDAP/AD service and then implementing it on a banana peel is ridiculous.

If the EX4 is marketed for home use then it shouldn’t advertize pumpously that it supports AD, it does, locally, not on the cloud, which defeats the purpose of having a cloud device in the first place.

Please release an updated firmware ASAP to allow adding the AD users to the cloud users, this is not an option, it will be mandatory if you want to keep any credibility for business users.


Please see page 118 of the user manual.

This might help you setting up to the AD.

Please note that you can add this request to the ideas board and if it gets enough votes, it will pass to the development team to be implemented.

I’m going to assume the first part of your answer is sarcastic.

As for the second, I will look through the existing ideas and if it’s not there make a request.

Thanks a lot.