Is it possible to access the SMP themes root folder on your PC like you can with the livehub?

I have a very simple question…

One that nobody seems to be able to answer and one I’ve been trying to solve for 2 days now!

How can you access the SMP themes folder directly from your PC like with the WDTV Livehub? Can you even?

I know on the WDTV Livehub you can but on the SMP its got that daft web interface which is useless unless you want to upload a theme. If you want to edit anything in the theme… forget it.

That’s why I want to access the root folder, so I can edit some folder sheets. Simple on the Livehub apparently.

Anyone know if it’s even possible on the SMP? I’m using Black Mamba and without editing the genre sheets for folders its basically a blank screen apart from the thumbnails along the bottom. Not too pretty. I know how to edit the sheets and I have them ready to go in the folders.

But I can’t access them at all to replace the defaults. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!

No, themes on the HUB are added the the internal HDD, the SMP doesn’t have a HDD and are added to the flash, which can’t be accessed.

If you want to edit a theme, like the rest of us that develop themes, you have to edit then upload, edit then upload, that’s the only way.

What you want probably is this: