Is it possible to access my "My Book Live" (country A) in country B?

I bought a NAS “My Book Live” and I wonder if it can be accessed from another country.

 For example, my NAS is in country A and internet provider gives me a dynamic IP (the IP changes all the time).

 I would like to have access to another country B which of course does not have the same internet provider and whose IP is dynamic.

 So is it possible to access my “My Book Live” (country A) in country B?

Via WD 2go, yes.

Ok a friend of mine live in England.

And he told me his IP is dynamic.

I live in Canada.

How, if possible, can I access his NAS?

As I said before, via WD 2go.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

As I said before, via WD 2go.

Yeah, using wd2go really is the solution you’re looking for, as it is a simple way to connect to a MBL without having to know its IP address.

Simply go to your MBL Dashboard -> Settings -> Remote Access to activate, create and manage remote access accounts.

Hope this helps.