Is it possible for WD Mini Media players to read srt subtitles?

Hello, I recently purchased a WD Mini Media Player to hook up to my WD external HD. I’m very happy with the results, seeing as the media player is capable of recognizing all my movies/TV shows.

However, I have some foreign movies which are RMVB files. The movies were downloaded with SRT subtitles and I had no problems watching the movies with the subtitles on my computer. However, the WD Mini Media Player plays the movies fine, but cannot recognize the separate SRT subtitle files.

So, is there someone out there that knows of  something I can do to make these SRT subtitle files compatible with the WD Mini Media Player? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

First off all, i’m sorry for my bad English, i’m Portuguese.

I have the same problem.

I bought WD TV Mini today and for my surprise i my subtitles doen’t appear.

When playing on my computer, i don’t have any problem.

I already tried convert the subtitles ( from SRT to SSA ) and is the same.

I tryed width 3 diffrent usb storage devices and is the same. I already tried FAT32 and NTFS filesystem for the usb device.

I already updated for the last firmware.

can anyone help me ? this player is completely useless for me if it can’t play subtitles.

thanks :wink:


My WD Mini does read subtitles. You just have to ensure that the filename of the SRT file and the video file is the same. E.g., if you are playing a video named Mask.avi, the subtitle file should be named as Also check that Subtitles are on in the settings menu. Also, when the video is playing, press options and you will see an option for turning subtitles on or off. I hope this helps. The WD Mini manual had instructions regarding subtitle so you could also go through that.

i know that the subtitles must be with me same name of the movie( but with diffrent extension ),

 in my computer i can watch normaly, with subs, in wd tv mini no, it doesn’t show subtitles.

i already tryed change configs on wd tv mini menu’s and it doesn’t show subtitles anyway.

It is possible !

First, the subtitle file MUST have the same name as the movie file (different extensions). second, put both files at the same folder.

in case you have subtitles other then the ones the WD player recognizes (like Hebrew for example) you have to convert the subtitle file (.srt) to SUB/IDX format, then, put both files at the same folder and you can play it with the player.