Is it only me!?!?

i have got the WD TV live for a little over a month now.

And i am SO sorry to say but i don’t think i can recommend it to any body living outside USA.  :frowning:

i can ONLY use Facebook, netflix, youtube, and spotyfi.

Facebook is okay, but don’t us it. Netflix is taking me tons of time to get into.(sometimes its just jumps back to “home image”)

youtube only work half… Most of the content on youtube can’t be played by wd tv live…

spotify is also missing something. Specially the radio function. The reason i bought a premium membership was so i could hear spotify radio on my wd tv live. (what a disappointment)

the wd tv live. gets to hot!! it have plenty of air and space, but still to hot. So hot that the wd tv live sometimes freeze.

So i have to put it on a laptop cooler…

if i chance the theme, some functions is missing. fx. games, and live tv. But it doesn’t matter, because  I CAN’T USE LIVE TV!

i paid to much money for this device. and feel so screwed.

actually i bought two devices. so i guess im screwed twice !?!?

Could you PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ. make something for us that are living outside USA ??

The most important information missing from your post is your location. From your other post I assume that its Denmark.

The SMP has no “HEATSINK”.   (All OLD WD Devices had a Heatsink … and the Live Hub has at least a “Fan”)

Ahhh … the Old WDTV Live … Nice Chunky Heatsink to keep things “Cool”

You could go this the “Extreme” to cool it down … but really, you should not have to resort to this.

The guy in charge of the Original XBOX360 “Thermal Management” must work at WD now ?   :wink:

Pictures of  the  “Custom Fan” from this thread …

Yes sry. I am from Denmark.

thx. but for now, the laptop cooler does a fine job ^^

i think that the most important information here, is that Western Digital really needs to expand the software to users in eu and scandinavia.

fx. viaplay, dr 1, local radio stations, (and spotify radio), youbio, Blockbuster and more.