Is it ok to partition a My Book Pro (RAID 0 Striping)? NO, according to WD support

I purchased a My Book Pro last week for my iMac, configured for RAID 0 striping, and partitioned it to meet my needs. I felt the drives speed did not meet my expectations so I contacted WD support to help determine if my drive was having an issue. After explaining how I configured the drive, they advised I should not partition RAID 0 drives as it creates more performance overhead and puts my data at greater risk of loss. I asked them to please point me to a resource supporting their claim, but they could not.

I have searched this on the web and find many articles on partitioning RAID 0 configurations but nothing indicating this is not a good idea.

Does anyone have more information on if it is, or is not, ok to do this?

Thanks, Charles

It should be fine to partition a drive but I guess it mostly depends on the reason and how it will be implemented. If you are creating partitions that are going to be accessed by different operating system and have different formats, then that could cause data loss and other problems. If you are using different partition and then transferring data between them, this would cause a decrease in performance since you are transferring data between different partitions but it on the same physical disk. This is most likely what they were referring to.

Also, the number and types of partitions can cause performance issues. If you are using primary partitions then you shouldn’t have a problem but sometimes logical partitions can be a little slow. However, with faster machines and HDD interfaces now days, it may be not be as noticeable.

If you are just creating the partitions to separate data then you should be fine. Common practices these are days are usually to separate data by folders and not partitions like the practice used to be, but as long as the type and formats are kept to a minimum you should be fine.