Is it OK to leave my MyBook Home Ed. 1tb Drive On all the time?

Is it ok to leave my 1tb MyBook Home Ed. Drive on all the time?

This is hooked via USB to my Nintendo Wii and I want to know if it is ok left on even when Wii is shutdown.

I know the BIG OLE light on the front stays on fully lit. (Boo…thinking on putting tape over it as its annoying).

Thanks for any feedback…

Are the My Passport drives better about leaving on all the time?:wink:



Would be nice to figure out…I’ve got the 2TB network drive but hate the light on the front also don’t wanna keep the power on cause it seems to get very warm being next to other network devices ie, my router! btw, try electrical tape! I use it everything that has lights that I don’t like :smiley: