Is it me or does this happen to everyone: rewind locks up

I’m not sure how to recreate the problem, but I managed do it twice.  I think it happens when you fast forward a file at a multiple beyond 2x and the hit reverse, the video locks up and will not play.  You can go back to the menus, and select another file to play, but the file previous file may still be locked up in there. 

Can anyone else recreate this phenomena?

i think more info would be needed like type of codec for video/audio

what container? avi? mp4?, mkv? etc etc etc :smiley:

I have had this happen several times, switching from fast forward to reverse and from fast forward to play.

When it happens I can go back to the menu, but when I try to play any file I just get a blank screen.

This happens with v1.01.11 and .mpg files. I don’t know about other versions and files.

I can recover by doing a reset to factory defaults but then I have to change all the settings again.

Can you recover without losing all your settings?

This has happened to me also with H.264 MKV AC3 files.  It even happened once while streaming a video from Hulu using PlayOn.