Is it like the drop box?

I don’t have the mycloud yet. But I am interest to buy one. Is it like the “drop box”? you can send a link of a video file to a friend and that friend can only view that single video file not all the video in that folder. And if i send that same link of that video file to another person, that person can only view that single video file only not the video files in that folder. Are they have to be a user in “mycloud” setup? I have a little bit confuse on the WD product video, you have to be a user to share the files.

Not quite close. But within the WD app, you can send an email containing a generated link to the only file you want to share and that person doesn’t have to be a registered user on your cloud. 

mine sends an email, but no link

same here, i send the link, but the message that gets sent, contains no link?

From the app, select the items you want to email then click on the envelope icon. Your email client will launch containing the link. Refer to the spoilers below…