Is it just me or does TVDB give no info for every series?


Just set up my wdtv smp last night and I’ve been having fun getting it all set up. I’ve come across a couple of problems though.

For my anime series, I can’t seem to get any info on any of the individual episodes, just the overall series. I’ve tried several different naming styles for each episode, even going so far as to type exactly what is on TVDB, but still no luck.

eg.  Yu Yu Hakusho - 1x01

        Yu Yu Hakusho - S01E01

        Yu Yu Hakusho 01


I’ve also come across the “Network Not Available” problem on a couple of them too.

I’ve updated to the latest firmware. Could the fact that I’m in the UK be a factor?

I’ve searched through the forums and I have found similar problems but nothing exact, so I decided to make a new thread.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

i havent used the inbuilt scraper in a while (doesent work on my Live Hub)

but, from memory … i hope this is correct

open one the generated xml’s eg.Yu Yu Hakusho-1x01.xml    (use notepad or notepad++)

You will (should) see 2 tags

     ---- this will contain overview of the series


  ---- this will contain info about the episode

The WDTV will display the but not the

delete the   and rename the to

power cycle your device (5 sec press on the power button, switch off at the mains)

when switched back on … you should now see the episode info

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Thanks Joey, but I found the problem.

I had to order the file tree as;

-Yu Yu Hakusho

    - Season 01

        - Yu Yu Hakusho - S01E01

So I’ve gone about putting all my shows in Season folders inside the root folder and it seems to have sorted it all, even if it is a bit cumbersome.

Thanks again for your suggestion though. Ive been using that to help change the episode numbers from “1” to “01” in the xml file to help with the ordering.