Is it just me ? Noisy Unit (Update: 3rd unit still noisy)

I’ve been through two units now.  The first was somewhat noisy.  You could hear the fan from about 5 feet away.  The noise is mostly the fan vibrating the case.  Of course if the HD spins up…then it’s louder.

Now the latest unit I got, is even worse.  I can hear the fan from 10 feet away as it vibrates the case.   This one is as loud as a single fan Desktop with a noisy HD.  (Thank God for NewEgg and their return policy)

If it wasn’t under warranty, I’d rip the case off and do things right.  So far, the noise is a deal breaker and the WD Hub’s Achillies Heel.  I really like the unit, great features, but I hate the noise.

Does anyone have a fairly quiet “Hub” ?    Is there hope ?

Yep; I can barely hear anything even if I put my ear next to it.

I can second that, there is no noise coming from the unit.  Can’t hear anything unless you turn the unit upside down and then you can barley hear the fan.

Thanks Guys, that is good to hear.  I sent the second unit back and going to try a third.  Both units had the 2.xx.xx firmware

Mine makes noise but I only hear it when there is nothing playing so I haven’t bothered to return it. I do think it is louder than it should be though.

Had to check if my fan was working, I couldn’t hear anything at all… btw my fan is working :smileyvery-happy:

I must be the most unlucky person here (glad I’m not in Las Vegas).  Anyway, third unit now…same as the second for noise.  I should have kept the 1st one, because it was bearable.

The best way to describe the noise is it is like a small room heater with the blower running on low.   Very annoying, sort of a buzzing sound.  I now think it might be the hard drive too, since it doesn’t seem to ever quit spinning.   What I can’t understand is why this makes so much noise.  My external 3.5 drive (Seagate) is plenty quiet.

Should I keep it anyway ?   Or wait and get a AC Ryan ?

Wow. I guess it’s possible that you’re uber-sensitive to the pitch or something. The Scorpio drive inside has a reputation for being EXTREMELY quiet, so I doubt thats what you’re hearing.

Or maybe your supplier is furnishing units from the same lot that have irregular fans. Go to a local store and ask them to plug one in so you can hear it.

Just thought of something. Maybe your case has a resonant vibration. Try putting something weighty on it, like a can of veggies.