Is it ever going to work on Mac Os Lion?


Since Mac OS Lion is out (ages), we all know that WD TV Live products don’t work with netowk on these systems (due to samba now removed from Mac OS, and Apple is now using their own).

We are forced to use third-party software to get working on network WD TV Live. 

The developpers are they aware of this issue ? I don’t tink this is a priority for Western Digital to get this working, and this is a shame…

Hope a new firmare will release soon…

They must be, but bear in mind that this is not only a WD issue, Mac is also to blame here.

Yes but Apple won’t go back.

The most important thing is that other manufacters have already updated their products. 

Look, save yourself a lot of time and wasted energy, WD couldn’t care less about the Mac community.

Dump your unsupported, outdated UI, unfunctional last generation SAMBA WDTV and buy the AppleTV.

I did, after trying to get this junk to work with Lion and I’ll never look back.