Is it better then TVIX 7000

hi frnds,

i have a tvix 7000. WD live hub is better then that? and why??

Can u plz help me? I want to buy this media player for my another room.


The WD TV Live Hub have an internal drive, and  might support more video codes, but that is the only difference that I can see.

Actually, the Live Hub supports Netflix, Blockbuster and other types of media streaming. Not many other devices do. If that’s imjportant to you, then the Live Hub is the way to go. Personally, I like that I can watch a movie from NF and BB anytime in between waiting for one to arrive in the mail.

yeah well netflix and blockbuster are useless for europeans customers unless he’s american of course

Well, since he didn’t say and I am. I responded.