Is it a virus?


My MBL is currently not in good condition. I have found a file inside public folder by name .Tickle, try to delete (two times) but it still there after restart. Can someone please tell me how to permanently delete this file?

I believe this file has made my MBL becomes busy, cannot be accessed. Really need help to rescue my file inside

No, it’s not a virus.

Why would you think that a “file” makes your box “busy?”

Files don’t make a box busy.  Processes do.

BTW, my MBL has a bunch of “tickle” files, too, in the public shares.  My box is operating fine.

Thanks Tony,

My MBL became unaccessible once I realise this tickle file was in public folder. The green LED was blinking and I were not able to update the firmware. If I can access, it has very slow connection.

I have tried to update firmware thru both dashboard and SSH but both failed.

As for now, the my MBL is constantly on yellow LED (even after several power restart), the dashboard is totally unaccessible.

Hope there is solution to save my files