Is it a My Drive? WD10000C003-000 Manual? Help

Greetings. I’m new here. I have purchased this legacy drive. It has no cords or instructions, I’m looking for a manual before I can do anything. The person I purchased it for is no longer available. He said the drive is ready to go. But it hooks up with jacks I am not familiar with. To get this to work, I need at least some starting instructions if not a manual. Perhaps you all have addressed this before, and someone could send me a link to that information or a manual. Thank you.

The most common connections for External WD Hard drives is USB or Ethernet

If it’s USB (Micro or Mini), then it connects to your PC’s USB port

If it’s Ethernet, then it connects to your network via plugging it into your Modem / Router or Switch.

If it’s neither of these then post a photo of the back of the drive. (click the upload icon above to upload a photo)