Is file management working 100% sucessfully? on new firmware?

dont leave me hangin folks i have been waiting to update until i know the file management sucessfully copies or transfers from one drive to another. someone pleeeeeaasse let me know asap.

WD released there latest firmware last week take a look at the link from bill

yes i know of the new firmware…thank you… but im looking for someone who has tried to copy a file from one drive to another sucessfully with a sucessful completed message. thank you. i wish someone would let me know

Hey sonny803, after reading your post, I tried to transfer some files from one of the USB drive connected to the WD TV Live to another, and it worked.

I tried to copy files, it worked, then I tried to move files and it was successful.

thank you …i will finally update and give it a try.

Great!!!  :wink: