Is dual router with Livewire possible?

Hey everyone I’m about to purchase the Livewire kit because I’ve seen nothing but amazing reviews but I had a quick question.

I basically want to hook up my Livewire in my room via my router, and use the second Livewire unit in my living room. This is where my question is, for my second Livewire in the living room could I connect it to a second router? The reason for the second router is so that I’m wondering if I could expand my wireless coverage to my entire basement.


As long as you hook up the second router via the LAN ports (and leave the WAN port DISCONNECTED) then it should work fine.

It works! I connected the second router (Linksys WRT54G), set up my ppoe info for my modem and I’m running dual router in my house. Day one with Livewire and I must say I’m very pleased with the speed thus far.:smileyvery-happy: