Is continious backup of C and D drives possible at the same time?

MY Cloud, 4T, SmartWare Pro, and Dashboard
My programs, Windows 10, and user files are located on C drive and my photos and other files
on drive D. I have backed up both drives separately by selected that drive prior to BU successfully.
After launching SmartWare and wishing continuous backup of each HD I must choose just one. Is
the other being monitored for file changes?.

Hi there, after you click on ‘Enable Backup’ for both C and D drives while running the first backup, WD Smartware will be performing continuous backups on both drives. If you select ‘Disable Backup’, then the backup software will not run continuous backups and any new files or changes made on existing files will not be updated on the backup. You can click on the link below for more information.

Thank you for the reply.