Is Bridge/Client mode possible with my WD N900 router?


I know that the WD N900 can be used in access point mode by disabling the routing functionality. 

However, what I was wondering is if the N900 router can be used in client/bridge mode. That is, I want to use the N900 router to connect a couple of wired devices to an existing wireless network.  I am hoping to connect the wired devices to the ethernet ports of the N900 and somehow connect to an existing wireless network using the N900… Is this possible

N900 wifi to other wifi network is not supported to my knowledge.  I have never seen a wifi to wifi bridge area in the setup.

N900 hardwired can accomplish this.  Hardwire from N900 to other AP

N900 can be a dumb AP with network switch functionality when in AP mode.  When acting as AP mode, it will still switch traffic, not route to the yellow port and hand out ip’s.

The N900 AP mode is only a software disable mode, meaning all of the fancy routing, forwarding, etc… Are shut off, lowering overhead on the box.  If you have stability issues in router mode, try AP mode if your configuration allows it and you have another router.

From what I read, you need the WD N900 in AP mode, with wifi still on, switching other lan devices to the other brand wifi AP.  A hardline will be required between the WD and the other brand AP

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I have not tried this yet but I’m curious as to how you access the N900 as the default IP address is the same for my existing router.  I have a secondary router now and I just set DHCP to off and gave it a static Ip address that was different from the default.  I could access this router via USB so it was easy.  How do I access the n900.  Maybe turn wireless off on my laptop and plug directly into the n900?