Is auto play restricted to USB?

In page 6 of the User Manual it says that automatic play is possible so that when the device is turned on it will play a song, movie or photo slideshow of your choice but when you look in setup it says that auto play will only work when a USB device is connected

Is this the only auto play available as I can’t find any such setting on the device itself?

I would like it to be possible so that when I turn the WD TV Live on it plays music from a file on my server so that I can have some background tunes whilst I pick a movie.

Hope this is poss


Yes, I believe that’s correct.  It must be on a USB disk, not on NAS.

That is a shame.

You would think that would have been a feature already added.

User guide could do with being a bit clearer from the start.

Perhaps I’ll put it into the suggestion box.

I have just put this in Streaming Ideas so if you want this too, hope over there and vote for it please.