Is auto-incremental direct import via sd-slot : possible?


( Back-up, not just transfer from SD-memory card to HDD - because that defeats the purpose in my case)

I consider buying the “My Passport Wireless Pro”,
to be used in conjunction with my camera that, infuriatingly, has only one single SD card slot (but has Wifi…*).
(This camera, otherwise, remains still unchallenged for my professional needs)

I try to remember to alternate, wile shooting, between my very big sd-cards ( 64GB and 128 GB cards),
in order to have at least some photos of a same photosession should I “loose” the camera or should a card fail
(but than I shall not “loose” or damage my cards…).

Now and than I do reformat the cards from within the camera, but not that often, because, precisely, I choose them huge for the precaution to keep files on cards as long as I have not had opportunity to establish 3 good backups back in proper environment…

Lets say my photoshooting workflow on location was to copy “SD memorycard A” to WD-HDD
wile continue shooting with memorycard B,
than continue on card A again wile B is copying… and so on :
there would be lots of unnecessary redundancy on the (single) WD-HDD
(copy the same files again and again and thus I would refrain from inserting the cards “to often” and that’s counter-sens…),
wile also wasting much time and energy for redundancy - if the copy process is not incremental.
( Each phot raw-files of a Sony A7R II camera is aprox. 82 MB)

If I was to reformat each card after each copy to the WD_HDD (or choose ‘transfer’ -instead of ‘copy’- witch I consider a no-go for me);
then there is no point for such a device in the first place since I would unite all files onto a single location at the end of each day - witch is what I want to avoid. Introduce this WD device in this way in my workflow will actually be far worse than continue as I do now. Also because all the handling involves repeated risks - I better trust my static cards as is.

UNLESS : Is it possible to automatically import INCREMENTALLY,
so I effectively have made a backup and not a mere transfer
(not have multiple times huge 82MB files on one single WD HDD ) ?

By automatically I really mean incrementaly only the new images on the go without computer,
SD card going from camera to My Passport Wireless Pro (no computer, and no wifi), not importing files that are already on the WD HDD
(because the idea is to use the slot of the device without the need of a Notebook/monitor).

If not incremental : I would have to envisage to opt to renounce my big sd-cards ‘in exchange’ for many small cards, copy them onto WD HDD, and keep the small SD cards full “in separate location”. That would then be backup.

  • I think I will start a new thread (maybe on a Sony A7 forum) for questioning if ongoing live backup of 82mb rawfiles via the camera’s wifi is a viable option.

Hi, I have not used a My Passport wireless Pro, hopefully another user will be able to provide some feedback.