Is anyone able to make the Dropbox app work?

I am using a MyCloud DL2100 with two drives installed. This is a file server for a small office. We are trying to use the Dropbox app that comes with the device to sync to a company Dropbox account. Syncing is at best erratic - and the Dropbox people insist that DB can’t work with a NAS device. If this is the case, why is DB app even being offered.

So - does anyone here have success with this app? if so, what are your secrets?

See the dedicated subforum for the DL series where there may be others more knowledgeable about the DL series and where you can search (magnifying glass icon upper right) for past discussions relevant to your question. The My Cloud subforum is generally for the single bay My Cloud units which do not support apps like Dropbox.

@ebrown53717 You may get a faster answer if you use this forum.

This forum is for the WDMyCloudImage

You can also use the search icon, top right and do a search for using dropbox.

Thanks, guys.