Is accessing the MBL remotely via Back to My Mac & Apple Airport Extreme possible?

I’ve tried Mionet which occasionally works, though it isn’t brilliant. I understand that a USB drive connected to an Apple

Airport Extreme can be accessed remotely using Back to My Mac, but I wonder whether accessing the MBL would be possible. I’m unable to add it to my list of file sharing networks/drives - it is greyed out. I wonder if this is because I only have access as a Guest? Or whether B2MM is limited to external USB drives only. Which would be a pity.

Hi dude, what if you just try FTP? Here’s the correct syntax for the MBL:


Chhers, though not sure how that can work for me remotely - that’s just a way to access it locally isn’t it?

Trying to access it now via it’s IP address though not working - and at this point IP addresses, FTP’s etc begin to reach beyond my abilities…