Is a seamless loop possible?

I am playing a QuickTime Movie video clip, prepared on a Mac, from a USB key drive. The clip is in H.264, 768 x 576, and the sound is in AAC – so it plays fine.

On my Mac, I can loop this clip seamlessly. Played on the WDTV, with the “Repeat One” option set, there is a momentary “blackout”  before the clip recommences, followed by a momentary audio information overlay on the image.

Is there any way I can get the clip to loop without the black frame and the following text overlay?



You may not be able to get rid of the black frame but when the next firmware is released the audio information should not be displayed. (we know this because the pre-release firmware contained this update)

If you put this video in the root of a USB drive and set the WDTV to auto-play (system setting menu) your video should auto play on switch on and with the latest official firmware (1.02.21) the audio information will not show.

Many thanks for the auto-play on startup tip, and it’s good to hear that the overly glitch is being fixed. Unfortunately, the black frame at loop makes the WDTV unfit for my purpose (museum installation). I’ll continue to watch this space in the hope that some genius out there will come up with a solution.

Is using a Media Server at all an option?  That’s where a PC somewhere on the net feeds the WD an A/V stream.   Theoretically possible to eliminate the breakpoint that way…