Irritated with 6 x 6 enclosure

I have a question on the 6 x 6 enclosure… How the heck are the magnets supposed to work??? I get 3 magnets and 6 washers and the spots that look like they are supposed to hold either are way larger and the magnets and/or washers causing them to just fall out…

What the heck??? Am I missing something???

HELP!! Before I throw this thing out the window

Hi, sorry about the inadequate presentation of the optional magnetic cover latch. For desktop (horizontal) use, the enclosure cover sits on the base without need for magnets, but for wall-mounted applications, we wanted to provide a way for the cover to stay on. We included the magnets and washers (which act as magnet pole pieces) so customers could have a solution for wall mount, but didn’t want to pre-bond all product regardless because it would introduce exposure to quality control issues.

One washer and one magnet are bonded to the plastic base in each of the three round pockets (washer to base first, then magnet on top of washer) and the remaining three washers are bonded to the inside of the cover in the three round pockets. We recommend a gel form of super-glue (cyanoacrylate), although various epoxies will also work.

Below is a link to videos I made showing the three bonding steps.

If you’re not mounting it on the wall, you can leave the magnets and washers off and use them for something else. We’re in the process of getting this info attached to the product webpage- we’re just running a little behind. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Link to bonding videos (process just as described above):

Thanks. Your text and videos are very clear.

Hi - I too am astonished. I have the 4.5" x 4.5" shell and there is no design to hold the case together. Right now I am using a pair of rubber bands to hold the case closed sitting atop a portable CD player. A possible solution to hold this case closed would be to drill two pilot holes on either side of the case so the hole is drilled through the solid cover and uprights on the base, and then use very small self-tapping wood screws to hold the case together. If you are careful not to over tighten the screws and not strip the holes you should be able to remove the screws and reinsert them.

Now, if I can only find a reasonable solution to cover the blinding white LED that lights up my equipment rack at night. Perhaps a drop of White-Out, or as suggested - a small piece of (black) electrical tape?


I had a bit of double sided velcro stuff lying about - I think it came off a laptop mains lead and found this works well.
It’s a thin strip and is just the right thickness to push under the drive, so I cut a piece about 20mm long, squared off the ends, and lodged it under the lip of the drive, just above the LED, then gently eased the other end between the edge of the drive and the case. Works a treat, I can still see a little of the light - enough to know it’s working.
PS - I’ve paid GOOD money for Lenser torches with these sorts of Lumens :grin: