Ipod Touch not showing in Twonky

Hello all i have a WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage NAS and have moved my itunes library over to it problem is my ipod touch doesn’t show up in Twonky my windows pc and xbox show up ok and play music and video ok 

Running ios6 on a 4gen ipod touch if i us the WD 2go app all my files show up on ipod but would like to use the music player so i can use my playlists


forget about it. Twonky is based on DLNA, an almost open standard. Apple is setting on it’s native Air Play, an almost closed system. There are third party apps for the iOS, making it possible to use DLNA.



Was thinking drive could be used as itunes media server have iTunes Server enabled so would think it would show up on ipod

must have got the twonky bit wrong as was thinking it would show up in there

No.  iTunes server cannot stream directly to an iPod.  Apple doesn’t allow that.

iTunes server can stream only to iTunes CLIENT, which can then stream to the iDevice via Air Play, IIRC.