Ipod to WD HD PLus

I just bought this amazing box HD LIVE PLUS. I was wondering if I could connect my older  iPod (not ToucH) to the HD Live Plus box. The only way I see this happeneing is with a cable that has the 1/8 stereo plug on one end and a USB on the other. Would you think that this would work? Would i have to use my my iPod on disk mode. Thank you in advance.

If via this cable the Ipod becomes a sort of flash drive then it may be possible. If you connect it to a USB port on your computer can the Ipod be seen as a drive.

Connectiong to a computer is not possible. I don’t have a laptop. I would like to take my HD Plus and iPod to friends house. I have seen some cables that have a USB on one end and a mini jack that fits into the iPods headphone jack. I was just wondering if this would work.

I won’t say it will work because I haven’t tried that, but you can try and let us know if it works