Ipod syncing issues with itunes media stored on 3tb mybook live

Hello! I recently moved all my media to my 3TB mybook live. Since doing this it takes forever to sync my ipod classic with itunes. I did not have a sync issue when my itunes media was stored on a 1TB mybook.  I have scoured both wd communities and itunes communities looking for a reason this is happening. 

I have made sure that the itunes server is enabled and I can play play audio files, etc. My Windows 7 laptop is connected via RJ45 cable directly to my Uverse gateway router (had WD live support walk me through set up, etc).

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!


The 1tb drive was a NAS as well? o.o

Don’t think so. It is the 1 TB My Book Essential that connects directly to a pc or laptop via USB. I suspect the problem is that the mybook live is connected to the uverse gateway router and not directly to my laptop. Being connected wirelessly just kills the connection speeds.

That’s likely it. Even though in theory Gigabit is faster than USB, theere are just a lot of things in between killing that.

I’ve been on the phone with WD tech support (not much help) and At&T Uverse tech support (even worse). Tier 2 support from AT&T changed the wifi channel on the router so I’ll see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for replying!

“Being connected wirelessly just kills the connection speeds”

Well, your network is only as strong, as its weakes link. In this case, wireless access would be the one. 


When synching, you could try to hard wire to the router as well. And be wireless for all other tasks.

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