iPod 160 Classic

Please could someone help me.
I have ordered a WDTV live streaming media player from Amazon UK, but would like to know if it’ll read my iPod as a hard drive as I only use it as a storage system for tv and movies at the moment.
What I’d like to know is would the media player notice it as a hard drive instead of an iPod?


I don’t think it will work. I have never tested, but I will just to let you know for sure.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I had tried that way in my ps3 and there was no luck.
I do hope that this machine should do the job as it looks like a better piece of kit.
I’m looking forward to your reply and I’ve got my fingers crossed.
If it doesn’t work after testing it out, could you recommend me a reliable portable hard drive that I can use in the USB ports.
Thank you once again.

I hooked up my iPod Classic. I have firmware 1.11.xx (too many bugs in newer versions.) It did connect and the WDTV started compiling the media library. The iPod says ‘synchronizing’. I have a huge amount of music on it, so it’ll take awhile for the library to build, but I was able to go through it in folder view and play something, although the titles are not obvious.

It’s even charging the battery!

It finished the library. You can browse by album, but the song titles are all 4-letter combinations like abcd.m4a. It’s not until you start playing or get info when you can see the actual song title.

Thank you also.
Looking forward to hearing further news of your results.
Speed of the menu being read is of no concern to me. Just the main MKV movies, and if they play smoothly with both DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1., 7.1 doesn’t matter to me as I don’t have those extra speakers.
Did you use optical for your sound or just a straight HDMI cable
Take care and thanks again,

It wil display by title if you go into the settings/music and tell it display by title instead of file name.

I only have music on mine, so can’t comment about video.

The WDTV is connected via HDMI.

Thank you Andyross for your help.
Take care and have a good weekend.