iPlayer on its way?

If its on this, will we get it too?


Edit: its mentioned under ‘keywords’

I don’t think WD would spoil it like that, and you know “keywords” are used like tag clouds… And can have several random tags.

But who knows? Could be, could be not.

I know, wishful thinking…

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Its not in Keywords any longer. I assume that the document has been updated.

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It’s not mentioned on the site but in the Christmas Gift Argos catalogue (p197) , it says very clearly and prominently:

Stream movies, TV including BBC iPlayer.

lets hope (and 4oD and ITV player whilst we’re at it… and Netflix is launching here next year)

Having a browse though the GPL

in a folder called 


I found :


well spotted…

Thanks … must admit I only want one of these boxes for Photo display but sure a lot of people will like to know Iplayer might be on its way.

Me thinks there may be a licensing issue for it to be there and not live yet

If others can do it (Boxee, Popcorn etc)  I’m sure WD could if they put the effort in