iPhoto library

I copied my iPhoto library from my desktop to MBL.  IT TOOK SEVERAL HOURS TO TRANSFER.  I OPENED IPHOTO AND IT HAD TO REPAIR THE LIBRARY FILE.  IT RAN TO 60% then it froze. tht ride opening in iPhotagain and same results.

frustrated I decided to delete the library from MBL but now will not delete the file.

how can I delete this file?

Found solution!  Instead of using the desktop trash to delete the file, the WD2GO APP on my ipad allowed me to put the file in the network trash and that deleted it.  

Hi - are you just using the NAS you have for iPhoto library storage (copy of a local HD library) or are you also using it as an active library where you upload new pictures to, make edits, etc.?


After reading an article in  MacWorld about finding ways to speed up my desktop and I wanted my iPhoto library on my network so I transferred my iPhoto library hoping to access the library to see my photos and to be upload them etc.

Is it working ok - I had read that iPhoto and/or Aperture don’t really work with their respective libraries on a network drive but I would love it if you are having success.

No it did not work.

I tried this with a 2TB Live to no avail, EXTREMELY laggy. I’ve successfully externalised my library though, so maybe you could T/M &/or BACKUP to a LIVE??? Or just drag and drop maybe, would be nice to have it update on the network though…