Iphone6 not performing automatic backups through wd my cloud app on phone to WD 4TB cloud drive

I have a Iphone 6 Version 10.2
I’m using the app “my cloud”

    When I go to activity there is a area that says auto backup. When I tap on that a whole bunch, a screen appears informing me:
                                          Completed: 3992

   Currently I have 19,958 photos on my phone. I bought 4TB cloud which is at home connected to a modem. With a new phone coming soon I really would like this app to work and backup all of my photos, help WD gurus!!

The main problem is that the auto back up does not work.

Auto backup does not backup if the app is still on from a previous backup. You need to close an open MY Cloud app, and restart it again, since it only checks for auto backup when first started each time.

i just tried this, however, to of no effect.
i closed the app, opened it and no new photos loaded.
i decided to leave it for thirty mins…still to of no effect.

Did you completely close the app or just minimize it on phone. If so, delete and reinstall the MC app.


you must go to setting and put once again the upload folder where do you want to save the photo and video.
restart the aplication and se on activity must start to upload.