Iphone5 issues

Hey everyone, I hoping someone might be able to help out, since I can’t get anyone at the tech support.  I have constant issues with accessibility to mycloud from my Iphone5.  Sometimes it works and most times it dont.  I’ve been doing some reading and sounded like I need a static IP address, so I created one.  Then I added this information in the port forwarding of my router. Now, when I try to remote in with my iphone, I get the message “remote access disabled”  I check the mycloud status page, and it shows that I have connection, and port forwarding.  The remote access button is also checked yes (green).  I am officially ticked off at this thing, and have no clue what to do.  I got this thing thinking it would be really cool to be able to access all my filed remotely, and with mutiple devices, but apparently this is just theroy!!!

Anyone out there have any clue how to get this thing running correctly???  Thanks for any advice y’all can give.

Remove the device from your iPhone app, then go to the NAS admin UI and request a new code. Enter that code in the app to recreate the device.