Iphone will not back up ex2100

Hi I am Jay and yes I am new. I spent a long while trying to figure what seems to be an easy fix to a solution with no luck.

On the Iphone WD app, I have signed into the account that I have made, set the backup to the folder I want and then accept. Nothing gets backed up. So I went to settings to changed the location to the same location again and it says incorrect password. Under the account I have signed into, I have made sure under the dashboard that I can view/edit that folder. Along with my account, I have 2 other people who can view and edit that folder. So the confusion comes, why does it say incorrect password when I am signed into to the app and I have permission to read and write?

Hi, I have a DL2100, and it’s all the same in this regard. I have no issues uploading from my iPhone nor my wife’s. It all works. In fact, I have made folders for each of us to move new uploads into so we keep them separate; her stuff and my stuff.,

So, my first though, since your issue is unique, is to un-install the MC app from iPhone then re-install it. Assuming this fixes things, there is another big issue you will run in to; incomplete uploads; unless you read this post of mine in the forum. Good luck with your tasks.

Thank you for this information! I can’t test until I get home tonight. I own an android and no problems with it probably because it allows sync upload in background. My wife owns the IPhone.

The strange thing is when I first made the share on the dashboard and connected her phone to the wd app, it started syncing all the files into the shared folder and I would watch more and more files get added while it was open in the iPhone app. This was not the case after I added others to the share folder with permissions. I did sign out of the account and resigned back in on the IPhone. I resigned back into the IPhone app, then I set the folder to the shared folder with permissions, I pulled down to refresh and waited for at least 5 mins while the screen was on. No files seemed to be uploading. I was even on my home wifi at the time where as before when it was working I was only on the sprint network. Afterwards, that’s when I went to settings and tried to re set the folder back to the folder needed because I thought I may have selected the wrong folder and it gave me the “incorrect password” error. So I went back on my computer, went into wd dashboard and made sure that the shared folder did indeed have permission for the username I had put in the app… I tried and tried again and kept getting the “incorrect password” error.

I did not have to much time to play around because I had to go to work. So I will try your suggestion and report back with info.

YAYAYAY! Solved issue after I got home from work. I had to turn off use data plan on the IPhone so it would connect to my wifi network. I guess it can’t do both? And its the reason why I stick to android…

The Android My Cloud app does not have the issue, because it just stays on and connected, whereas the iOS phone and pad have the auto-lock feature that gets in the way and can stop the show.

Some tips, don;t use your cell data to uploads gazillion of photos/videos the first time. Do it at home via home network. I have good 5G signal and always use the faster band for uploads and video watching. If possible, delete all your wife’s stuff that was uploaded and start a new.

Thanks mike27oct for the info! I already see so much stuff I would like added to the apps for both iphone, android, and the online mycloud.com

Today I am going to take a look around on here to pick up some other helpful tips and tricks!

Good luck Jay.