Iphone Uploads

Hi All

This may sound basic but I am struggling. I am looking to try and set up an automatic upload from my iphone but can’t seem to find this option! Can it be done?

Yes it can be done, You must use the My Cloud app on your phone. Find the folder you want to upload to on your My Cloud via app. (if you don’t have a folder, set one up beforehand)

Once you have the folder selected in app, notice the 3 dots menu at right-top, tap it, and select add photo. Select camera roll, and if you want the entire roll all uploaded, select ALL. Now, tap upload icon at bottom and off they go.

Important, for very large uploads (such as a full camera roll,) the iPhone/iPad Auto-Lock needs to be set at a high value (meaning set to Never,) for the upload or else Auto-Lock will step in and shut down the iPhone and your transfer will stop before complete. Be sure when all is finished to put your Auto-Lock back where you had it (at 5 minutes or under). Now you can set up auto upload.