iPhone SAMBA Server


i have a Laptop, a WDTVLIVE and an iPhone. i have installed a samba server (ezShare) to my iPhone.

My Windows XP PC sees both the SAMBA server on my iPhone and USB Drive on WDTVLIVE.

My iPhone also sees both my shared folders on my Windows XP PC and USB Drive on my WDTVLIVE.

but WDTVLIVE only sees the shared files on my Windows XP PC. it doesn’t see my iPhone which runs a SAMBA server. The SAMBA server is ON and my PC sees it and can copy/paste files to and from it.

any idea how to make WDTVLIVE to make see a SAMBA server in the network?

i also want to learn whether if WDTVLIVE can see more than one device in the network or not? Can you list more than one device in Network Shares in the WDTVLive?

thanx in advance…